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NineSquare Vastu Consultant, Vastu Consultant in Vasai

Darshanshastra is the starting point for understanding the significance of any of the ancient Indian sciences. The extensively studied discplines like Yogashastra, Jyotishshaastra, Vastushastra, Ayurved, and Sangeet have their origins in Darshanshastra. Rather, these disciplines are known as ‘Upangas’ (sub-branches) of Darshanshastra. It is interesting to note that all these sub-branches follow a common logical pattern for analyzing and understanding a given situation. Astrology studies the effect of planetary position and direction on an individual, while Vastushastra studies the impact on a Vastu, of cosmic energy and cosmic forces with all their directional aspects. In all these disciplines, a Vastu is assumed to be a living soul having close affinity with the individual dwelling in it.

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