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Nalla Sopara labourer had demanded measly Rs 400 he lent alleged victim's father, but her mother framed him to avoid repaying the amount.

A Nalla Sopara man, who spent nearly 21 months in jail after being charged with raping a minor in 2013, was acquitted by the Vasai court on Tuesday, after the child revealed during in camera proceedings that she had never been assaulted, and that her mother forced her to lie.

Subsequently, the mother too confessed she falsely implicated the man as he was demanding the return of a measly Rs 400 he loaned her husband.

The man's troubles, however, are far from over, as on returning home he found his wife and two children missing. Neighbours said they left home in shame months ago, and the man who is now searching for them plans to sue the State for Rs 1 lakh compensation for mental trauma.

Casual labourer Rahul Chowdhary, 35, was arrested on May 5, 2013 for allegedly raping the 4-year-old who lived nearby.

He was arrested by Nalla Sopara police and charged under Section 376 (rape) and Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences Act. The trial began late 2014, and resulted in the first acquittal in Vasai court of a man charged under POCASO.

"Sessions Judge S G Mehere acquitted my client for lack of evidence," Chowdhary's lawyer Digambar Desai said. "During in camera proceedings, the girl revealed that her mother tutored her to say she was raped. During medical examination some scratch marks were found near her genitals, but we told court that the FIR was filed days after the incident in late April 2013, and the irritation (itching) marks were fresh ones in May 2013," Desai said.

"Chowdhary lent Rs 400 to the child's father and demanded it back, but her mother framed him to avoid repaying," added Desai. "His bail was rejected twice and he languished in jail since May 2013."

Chowdhary told Mirror on Thursday that while he's relieved at being freed, he's worried about his missing family. "They're not even at my inlaws' home, and I'm desperate to find them. My only fault was that I lent money to the man. Now I have to find my family and also a job."

Desai, who fought the case without charge, said Chowdhary will sue the State and seek compensation of Rs 1 lakh for mental torture he underwent during 21 months in jail.

Source : mumbaimirror

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